Shuttle Tydirium - The Casual X-Wing Podcast

Episode 56: Joe Boss Red 7

June 26, 2017

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium Podcast for episode 56! This week we welcome special guest Joe Boss aboard the shuttle for a special guest appearance. Joe Boss is a Star Wars megafan, and runs a cool blog, linked below.  Check it out! Unfortunately, the microphone we arc-welded to Joe Boss's flight suit was malfunctioning during the flight, so his audio is unreliable during this episode, despite efforts to clean it up. We'll mostly be discussing the recent previews of the Auzituck gunship and H-6 Bomber, but we'll also briefly discuss the patreon acount we recently launched. Enjoy!

Joe Boss's Question: 7:40

Patreon: 23:20

Auzituck: 26:05

H-6 Bomber: 1:-9:15

Check out Joe's blog here: BLACK SIX RED SEVEN

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