Shuttle Tydirium - The Casual X-Wing Podcast

Grayskull: The Complete Series

December 24, 2017

Enjoy the complete Audiodrama: "Grayskull", from the Shuttle Tydirium crew!



“Col. Jek Bowlin”: Jim Chadwick


“Lieutenant Tellin”: Brandon Denzer


“Commander Nols”: Philip Meade


“Captain Gethis”: Anna Mageras


“Voss”: Philip Meade


“Killjoy 7”: Anna Mageras


“Killjoy 4”: Jake Fried


“Killjoy 10”: Jaron Janson


“Grayskull Control”: Breccan Kendall


“Stormcloud Leader”: Massimiliano Lazzari


“Whitecap Leader”: Steven Sior


“Agent Haldon”: Jake Fried


“Naval Medic”: Steve Ruples


“Freighter Captain”: Alex Holachek


Narrated by Jonathan Pierce


Edited by Philip Meade


Written by Philip Meade

Astromech sounds generated from:


Includes music by Kai Engel, used under a creative commons license and adapted for this project.  Check out Kai Engel’s excellent compositions here:


Includes music by Tri Tachyon, used under a creative commons license.  Check out Alexander “Tri-Tachyon” Naumov’s album “The Warbird”, and other music here:

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