Shuttle Tydirium - The Casual X-Wing Podcast


April 11, 2017



“Col. Jek Bowlin”: Jim Chadwick

“Lieutenant Tellin”: Brandon Denzer

“Commander Nols”: Philip Meade

Narrated by Jonathan Pierce

Edited by Jake Fried and Philip Meade

Written by Philip Meade

Astromech sounds generated from:

Music by Tri Tachyon, used under a creative commons license.  Check out Alexander “Tri-Tachyon” Naumov’s album “The Warbird”, and other music here:

Grayskull is the first episode in a short audio series telling the story behind the upcoming Narrative Event that will be run at Gencon 2017 by the Shuttle Tydirium Podcast.  If you’re attending Gencon 2017 and want to take part in this X-wing miniatures narrative event, make sure you buy your tickets early - space is limited.  Event registration begins on May 28.