Shuttle Tydirium - The Casual X-Wing Podcast

“Scramble” - Battle for Ord Gorim

May 14, 2019

"Scramble" is the second episode of the audiodrama series introducing the world of Ord Gorim, and setting the scene for the showdown between the Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Navy for the fate of that world.

At Gencon 2019, the Shuttle Tydirium will be hosting "Battle for Ord Gorim", a narrative X-wing event that pits players against one another in a desperate battle for the Galactic backwater world of Ord Gorim. We hope you will join us for this and our other great X-wing events!


"Lieutenant Segoyan" Jake Fried

"Lieutenant Korpus" Anna Mageras

"Flight Control" Jim Chadwick 

"Tech 1" Jan Ullerup

"Tech 2" Jean-Marc Cousineau

Narrated by Jonathan Pierce

Written and edited by Philip Meade

Includes music by Kai Engel, used under a creative commons license and adapted for this project.  Check out Kai Engel’s excellent compositions here: