Episode 45: Wave 11 is upon us!

March 21, 2017

Welcome aboard the shuttle tydirium podcast for episode 45!  This week we'll be focusing on the recent preview of wave 11, which is allegedly only a few short months away from your gaming table!  feel free to surprise us, FFG!


Captain's question: 6:30


Wave 11: 25:10


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Episode 44: Schrodinger’s Escape Pods

March 13, 2017

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium podcast for episode 44!  This week we'll chat about several important X-wing topics, including squad builders, a thematic Hoth scenario, using terrain in X-wing, a couple of B-teams, Mario-kart, and whether or not the crew of a certain ship made it to the escape pods or not.


Captain's Question: 4:40

Review of the Aurora Squad Builder: 28:57

Terrain in X-wing: 44:55

B-teams: 55:40




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Episode 43: Chief Engineer Biff

March 7, 2017

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium Podcast for episode 43!  This week we welcome Biff Denzer aboard as new Chief Engineer!  We'll also discuss the recent Merchant One article, and preview some of the side events that we'll be running during Gencon 2017.


Chief Engineer's Question:  15:30


News (Merchant One article): 24:20


Gencon Event Preview: 1:11:40


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Episode 42: State of the Game Podcast

February 28, 2017

Welcome aboard the shuttle tydirium podcast for episode 42!  This week, we bid farewell to Chief Engineer Jake, who finally managed to sneak a transfer request past J-Bot!  We'll also chat for a cool hour or so about the STATE OF X-WING!  We get a little cranky at some points, so please remember that we all love this game so much that we spend a lot of out personal time promoting it in this podcast.   Also, we talk about ways to keep enjoying the game regardless of what changes in the future.  Enjoy!


Chief Engineer's Question:  10:45



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Episode 41: Idiot’s Array

February 21, 2017

Welcome aboard the shuttle tydirium podcast!  This week, the crew tackles several different topics and projects, including the Custom Card League on the FFG forums, developments in Mario Kart X-wing, and a B-team from a listener!


Captain's Question: 12:40


Custom Card League: 15:30


MarioKart: 37:55


B-team: 1:02:40


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Custom Card League


Episode 40: Den of Thieves

February 14, 2017

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tyidirum podcast for episode 40!  This week we'll be discussing mission 4: Den of Thieves, which was featured in the Aluminum Falcon expansion pack.  Can you believe a bunch of kids blew up the Death Star with this thing?  Also, try our new in-flight spa service!  Our team of ewok spa professionals will have you looking and tasting great in no time!


Captain's question: 6:00


Mission 3: Den of Thieves: 31:30



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Episode 39: How to break a mission

February 7, 2017

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium Podcast!  This week we'll chat about our C-ROC builds, J-bot airs some grievances about the state of X-wing, and we take a hard swing at Mission 3: Dark Whispers, and we break it, Ivan Drago style.  


Captain's question: 3:15


Loose restraining bolt: 14:15


Mission 3: Dark Whispers:  28:30


C-ROC builds: 1:08:05


Episode 38: What a CROC!

January 24, 2017

Welcome aboard the Shuttle Tydirium Podcast for episode 38!  It's the semi-lost episode!  After an involuntary week-long hiatus, we're back with coverage of the C-ROC preview.  Scum and Villainy finally has an epic ship coming!  Is it any good?  Are we qualified to say whether it's any good?  Stay tuned and find out!


Captain's Question: 8:10


C-ROC news: 29:35


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Episode 37: “I trust that Jim knows what to do”

January 10, 2017

Welcome aboard the shuttle tydirium podcast for episode 37!  This week we're taking a close look at Mission 12: Bounty Hunt, from the IG-2000 expansion pack. Bounty Hunt is an exciting 3-way battle!  Listen closely to our expert advice as we tell you how to play this one right.


Captain's Question: 3:20


Ready Room: Bounty Hunt:  21:45



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Episode 36: The Point of No Return

January 3, 2017

welcome aboard the shuttle tydirium podcast for episode 36!  This week we'll be reviewing the final mission of the Point of No Return Campaign, which comes with the CR90 Tantive IV expansion pack.  We will mercilessly choke it to death with the very chains it has bound us with, like an overgrown hutt.  


Captain's Question: - 6:30

Mission T4: Minefield - 21:15

Protocol Mode - 21:55


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